Saturday, June 28, 2014

How I wish

Whispering a wish sometimes can be real.Who ever in this situation maybe can get what they wanted to just from a wish.Everything in this earth can be simple or can be complicated.For moslems, doa or prayer in daily routine makes strengthness inside & outside our mind and soul. Anyway Happy Ramadhan Eid Mubarak... semoga sentiasa ceria, senang hati walau apapun yang berlaku...Pasti ada hikmah ^_^

Friday, June 27, 2014

kit kat #superb best break away

 A walk to break sea well day.. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

#♡♡♡dongsaeng #guess it a song ♡♡♡

To love is nothing.

To be loved is something.


To love and be loved  is everything. 

I am nothing, you're something so let me be your everything.

If you need me, I'm just around. 

I'll be there to listen and I won't demand. 

Just tell me when and where. As long as you need me, as long as I care, as long as I exist, I'll be there.

You can count on me like one, two, three

I'll be there.....;-) 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

#yang sebenarnya #semangat dah hilang #september coming soon

Cerita 6 bulan lepas;

Sebelum ni semua yang dibuat bersemangat.Semua ok , semua2la.. ok ...

Cerita skg ini ;

& finally I was down! Mabe, negativity aura suda ini...

kalau sebelum ni, semua keja ai ble siapkan on time or on exactly perfect time but not anymore. Im mess up all the things! Thinking about this matter,  mabe this is

what we called burnout.

Kadang2 terfikir jg, kenapa Allah SWT letakkan aku ditempat tu... smpi termimpi2 benda yg sama setiap hari.Huh!! Great Job ahead PLZ BE NICE to me...

September  : I can't wait for u to come.Oh! How I wish! I try & looking towards u..when September ends.I will have a slight smile juz for hoping to go..

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#♡♡♡♡ hate turned in to ♡

If your "hate" turned in to love is just because you are ready to admit that you loved that person for a really long time. I admitted that everything happened because a reason.Sometimes I felt it is good to be single instead of married .Because love can be danger.Once u broke up or something happen in the relationship, u might terribly down... OH! Dang~~ ....Lolx.

I might be someone that important into urlife but I know u always wanted to get me wrong or something  to attract my intention towards u.Lolx..Really unbelieveable!! Some friend told me #lebihbaikmenjauhdarimrndekati #Iforgotwhereiputmyring .. tbc

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dear Mama

OH! πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“ u as always and forever.
I know what u did is for my own goods.
Now, im sick becoz of managing my room in a first place
ALL I CAN DO REMOVE unnecessary THINGS EVENTHOUGH ALL OF MY penpals letter blend into the garbage.
Now, I organize all the things ; books, dvd in a proper way.So, dat I can check it  whenever I need it.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

partofmemory #1997-2004

Oh! Its been 10 years it is June 8th ,2014 ... I do care with my career ...but this great yr mabe be my :( experience. So far not so good...  I also care about my surroundings. FAMILY always be no 1. But, fwen oso a part of my life. I havent see my frens for quite along time I guess.Instinct~~ I hope and wish myholiday will extend until end of this yr.

Currently, looking back those pic we were together make me feel naive.I miss all of them. Eventhough, it is just a memory. Sometimes, I think mabe its my fate and good to involved with variety of peoples. Fate because of joined the school and became super senior.haha! #imtherecklessandthegoodoneoso #mabeoftheenvironment
#gudnite #everythingwillbegood
KRS sebb yg lain dh full.Now I remember why we were in KRS.
ALL of my lower & upper six moment

random pic. from primary 6 , f 5 until f 6.