Saturday, November 22, 2014

#something about to happen & it happen

Literally checking the calendar day by day.Can't wait it happen.Now it really happening! Who cares if grammatically error everywhere!! 

Finally on the 25th of October 2014 , my beloved nephew was born at 2,35am with 3.4 kg,He is 50cm tall..luckily indeed 37 weeks of pregnancy...whoa~!! normal birth delivery and it awesome! ! strong sista! Bravo ..haha! to baby keep strong ya!! Now, baby Aryan is 30 days 4.2kg and also 54cm.

He is our 1st nephew in my family.Aryan Veer Zhafran . Alhamdullillah towards Almighty Allah SWT.

As for my sister, congratulation on your new bundle of joy. (Btw, school holidays we will continue to be fulltime babysitter auntie ;p) take cares of our cutiest baby Aryan  and urself! 

To my brother-in-law, Congrates for your new 'prince'.. please spoilt him with all the love in da world than with food (hehe ;p)

Ads : going to a place that I never been b4.. *wink

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Oh! end of 7

I miss those days when being wild and free. STUDY AND JUST HAVE FUN.... Now, totally DIFFERENT. ..Things change, peoples change....Eventhough we are not always seeing each other...doesnt matter. No phone call, no msg ... but she is still my best buddy!!  SOMETIMES life is cruel when mom's throw away ur things but she still a mother to u.. :(

Time flies so fast and I think I just can't breathe well... :( ..Life is hard out there... Worst when others treat u like... OK FINE ... Redha itu ikhlas ...Pasrah itu menyerah...  #stopthinking #JUSTFOLLOWTHERULES

Saturday, June 28, 2014

How I wish

Whispering a wish sometimes can be real.Who ever in this situation maybe can get what they wanted to just from a wish.Everything in this earth can be simple or can be complicated.For moslems, doa or prayer in daily routine makes strengthness inside & outside our mind and soul. Anyway Happy Ramadhan Eid Mubarak... semoga sentiasa ceria, senang hati walau apapun yang berlaku...Pasti ada hikmah ^_^

Friday, June 27, 2014

kit kat #superb best break away

 A walk to break sea well day..