Friday, May 28, 2010

mimpi yang sama berulangkali...nightmare or fortunate dream!

Assalammualaikum wbt.

It was nightmare! Repetition of nighmare dream ! Oh! Im dilema .. Dang!!~~~something happened in my dream. EVENTHOUGH IM NOT THINKING OF IT! I HOPE DIS NOT REAL in reality. I hope it just a CLUE... ??????

I found this and get caught my eyes for it. Google said that DREAM happen if :

(STOP this Dream!!! )

 1. Maybe that is your partner in future  marriage

 Almighty knows everything.Allah creates us and He knows when the time comes. (every single night I c him in my dream eventhough it wasn't real.. Erghh ...Question: What about if he is not my groom to be? Haha..)

2.  Maybe someone want to give you something special

WOW!! Lucky me if someone want to give me something special? Wow!what about big amount $$ ...You are most welcome...hahahaa  )

3. Bound relationships

 Is true?? Maybe my long lost missing bro ages ago...Just like Indon TV Drama ..hahaha

4. That person might think about us too.

I hope that's true...Every yr, I have been waiting u to wish my birthday! Eventhough it just a wish... Haahaa

Well known said : Al-Ustaz Abu Sa'id berkata; "Bermimpi melihat lelaki yang dikenal menunjukkan akan mendapatkan sesuatu daripadanya, dari orang yang mirip dengannya atau yang satu nama dengannya."

"Apabila seseorang darimu melihat mimpi yang menggembirakannya maka hendaklah ia mengucapkan Alhamdulillah dan ceritakannya kepada orang yang lain, dan sebaliknya apabila ia melihat mimpi yang menduka citakannya, maka mimpi itu adalah dari syaitan, kerana itu hendaklah ia mengucapkan Isti'azah dan jangan ceritakannya kepada orang lain kerana mimpi itu tidak mendatangkan mudarat kepada nya."
Diriwayatkan oleh al-Bukhari dari Abi Sa'id.

THEN, I HOPE this is my chen li fu dream. OK! Fokus..haha