Wednesday, May 14, 2014

#tell me when its over

14th , May 2014.

My face is peeling like nobody's business and it couldn't come at any better time of the year. CAN I HIDE MY FACE like no one notice my existence??? Too many ???? about my personal life.Im straight ok.hahaha! I CAN'T BREATHE. so, I choose to laugh & silence.

But then no way to make an explaination to 'em. Lately, questions about "when" "who" haunted me where ever I go. Wow! Such as no name artist..sparkling with variety Q_Q. How surprise that Im still not sure about this!

Somerset ~I want to run away from all of #ppfft surrounding with the concern peeps! Oh! Are they pay for f.o.c to make my sensational story more interesting. BE PATIENCE my *** out there..


Sunday, May 11, 2014

confession of talk

walk talk...

meet talk...

need talk....

hp talk...

everthing we talk, we decide for it!

Need a walk....

Need a  break..

sleep talk....but ...

Im tired,

I'm tired,

I am tired,

Everything is about academic!

Im busy,

I'm busy,

I am busy,

Everything is about WORLDLINESS! !!

What am I thinking???

Somehow someday we will return to Almighty Allah SWT.

Monday, May 5, 2014

#let it be


The date is confirmed and it is imminent. The unexpected game is now on. I will be going for my 1 years course up in the BEAUFORT DISTRICT. My 2014 is gone just like that. When I complete the course in February 2015 things will never be the same again. I TOTALLY LOST MY MIND because always be alone hence I have too. To soon to predict what THE THINGS can be happen if  IM not allowed to SIT FOR this course. I just want to BE FAIR with THEM (BRITISH COUNCILS, KPM)  because by PUTTING MY EFFORT AND RESPONSIBILITIES for 2 courses undertake ; ELTDP AND PRO ELT. I CHOOSE BOTH for my sake. 

I thought I would be ok because THEY are looking forward for my school accepted the ELTDP (not compulsory) and me for PRO ELT on going at one time , a compulsory course to be attended by optionist teacher and non optionist teacher that COMPULSORY to take this as part of ENGLISH improvement. I called it "BOOBY TRAP" because WHO NOT ACHIEVED C1 for APTIS must sit for B1/B2 PRO-ELT until you pass the target of C1. But C1 also have to take they C1 for PRO-ELT to make them C2 course participants. This tho, SURPRISINGLY US AND ABNORMAL DECISION MAKING , you miss this, means you lost your seniority AND CHANCES. I thought it so. Last time, they went for 1- 3 years after appointed, but now, we have to rush and gone with this courses  after 3 months appointed. It's difficult to carry yourself as course participants when you are already comfortable managing classes 5 days on row.Then, YOU ARE STUCK IN NOWHERE.  YOU AS a new tc must obeyed for the SAKE OF YOUR ON GOING CAREER. (*Capital Let. maybe to show my anger.++++) Things not EASILY be good because tc had to pack up the schedule fot 4 days and no choices. wow!UNPREDICTABLE BECAUSE since the day I took this programme , my PK still not arrange my new schedule to pack up . Maybe, he just busy for other stuffs. I hope my colleague will be fine with that. Especially the DUTY tc, TQ for every1! 

I'm still in the midst of preparation MENTALLY AND PHISCALLY  what result I have to accept. which one more be effective to take : is it both or choose only 1 programme for the whole yrs. Thanks for concern  through whatsapp, WEchat and facebook and even instagram, communication is no longer a barrier, we can easily get infos from friends heretofore.

Well, at the footnote, I try to see this at the positive side because it burden me anyway. What I hate so much is the NATIVE SPEAKER...plz shoooooo away! HOW I wish that you 're not hired for ELTDP....hehehe (I TRY TO BE NICE SO FAR....)